Field Sales Executive

Job Description

Commercial Energy Consultant

BC Energy is an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial grade LED lighting products.

We identify immediate opportunities to drastically reduce energy consumption and eliminate maintenance costs by adopting a more sustainable and cost effective strategy. As part of a comprehensive energy reduction plan, LED lighting and building controls can help an organization drastically reduce fixed operating expenses, all while capitalizing on local and national incentives and grants.

With 10 years of experience servicing commercial, retail, industrial, medical, and governmental clients ranging from Fortune 100 global corporations, small/medium-sized business, and local municipalities; we are hyper-detailed in our analysis, transparent in our evaluation, and highly trusted with our ability to execute.

BC Energy is currently hiring for the following:

A Commercial Energy Consultant (or “field sales exec”) that is looking to work and succeed in a challenging and rewarding environment with a rapidly growing company. This individual will focus its main attention on taking warm leads generated by the company, conducting site surveys, and delivering presentations to generate closed business ranging from 10k to 1M with commercial clients looking to transition their facilities lighting systems to more cost effective LED solutions.

Job requirements and expectations:

  • Capitalize on warm leads given by senior leadership team
  • Conduct site surveys at commercial sites to help gather information to generate cost analysis reports
  • Deliver information gathered from site survey to BC Energy team members who will generate reports for the selling agent
  • Perform in person presentations to decision makers and build relationships which can lead to contract execution
  • Document and notate daily activity
  • Report directly to senior leadership
  • Other duties assigned
  • Potential travel

Preferred Skills:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Quick learner, with desire to reach outside of their comfort zon
  • Confidence when speaking to a decision maker
  • Sales experience preferred, willingness to learn even more important
  • Computer proficient
  • Self drive & motivation; this position has additional commission/incentives to capitalize on.

Work Environment & Benefits

  • Growing Company
  • Fun work environment (we keep track of ping pong wins and losses)
  • Challenging, but encouraging atmosphere
  • Growth opportunity – development and mentorship from senior executive team
  • Casual Friday everyday
  • Scheduled company outings, because we all get along
  • This position is designed to compensate a hard working, determined, and hungry individual to make between 70-80k/year

*This is a full-time, salaried position starting at $40,000/year (DOE) + commission.